The pitfall of carrying a handbag

It is no mystery that women love to carry a multipurpose handbag. But the handbag can be the downfall of you in the long run. Usually, a fully loaded handbag will weigh around 3 kilograms. That is 3 kilograms of weight being focused on the shoulder; we cannot begin to stress how bad that is for your body. For starters, your spine is in a curved state as long as you keep wearing the bag. The spine needs to be erect or straight; a curved posture puts a lot of stress on the spinal structure and muscles. The frequent usage of handbags can lead to shooting pain in your spine, neck pain, weak joints and inflamed muscles due to the strain you’re putting your spine under. Here in this article, we have explored some ways to combat this growing menace with flying colours.

  1. Exercise

Okay, hear us out. Experts suggest that your posture and strength of spine depend on your core strength. Your core strength can be developed through workout routines that specifically focus on building your core. Include exercises such as sit-ups and planks to make sure your core is being built, and these exercises also result in your muscles becoming toned and fit.


  1. Alternate bags

A handbag is extremely stylish but is it worth it at the cost you’re putting your back through? Well, in short, the answer is a big fat NO. We suggest that you shift to a backpack instead; we understand that it might not go with your dress, but ergonomically there is no better solution. A backpack has even distribution of weight and can be worn by people who have low core strength as well. If you want to compromise and find a middle ground; we suggest you try out a sling bag, but you have to keep alternating between wearing it by the side and one the shoulders so as to not put pressure on the neck or the shoulder too much. But, if you still insist that handbags are your only soulmate then explore the idea of carrying two handbags on either shoulder. This way the weight can be evenly distributed, and since stress isn’t applied on one shoulder, the spine is not curved, and the posture is much better than before.

In any case, explore multiple options before you get it right. And like we said, make sure whatever decision you make is worth it in the end.