The Myth and Truth about Crunches

It’s the New Year, and you’ve proposed a resolution to slim down and have great abs. A noble resolution but the flipside is that unlike what those internet articles will tell you, getting the perfect abs alone is impossible. Have you ever seen anyone with an average body with great abs? We’re sure you haven’t; with the growth of information sharing, people across the globe become prey to a number of false ideas of the development of abs. And at the forefront of it all is crunches.

Crunches are among the single most popular workout techniques that every Tom, Dick and Harry will try their hand out at. There are a number of online articles that state that if you perform these many crunches in a day, you’re bound to see the results in a particular number of weeks. We are not saying that crunches are altogether useless; we are saying that crunches won’t be giving you the desired results, at least not the results you desire. The biggest problem is that people try out crunches for weeks and then when they don’t see the results they feel defeated and quit their workout plan altogether. A major chunk of the reason as to why people love doing crunches is due to misconception and well-targeted marketing strategies by equipment manufacturers. After the treadmill, one of the most common gym equipment that is purchased by gyms and individuals is the ab-cruncher. The promotional component of this equipment speaks about how you can get the perfect abs if you use the ab-cruncher but in reality, to get the perfect abs, a lot has to be done.


To get the perfect abs, one must be willing to focus on the full-body workout. Most fitness techniques have been debunked due to the development of science and technology. To build your abs, you should have a workout plan that focuses on the development of the core and the entire body. Localised improvement of muscle is minimal and doing crunches alone will give you little to no development of tone or structure. So we suggest that you include planks and bridges instead of crunches; planks and bridges greatly tone the abs and build the muscle, so it gives an overall development of your abs when compared to crunches. Also, our biggest problem with crunches is that most people don’t know how to do it properly and end up completely ruining their spinal structure.