The Green Avenger: Liquid Magic

There are a number of energy drinks available in the market today; some are naturally obtained while others are artificially made. We prefer naturally obtained superpowers over lab-tested ones any day. The superhero we will be exploring today is Green Tea; the quintessential beverage stands atop over all others as the healthiest drink in the world, at least in our opinion Green Tea has no equal. We are going to tell you the reasons why we think Green Tea is so awesome.

  1. Bioactive Components

Green tea contains a number of bioactive components that greatly improve the body. We are going to focus on two primary components; firstly, polyphenols makeup about 30% of the Tea in terms of weight and secondly, EGCG is the other major component of Green Tea. Polyphenols are the major reason why the beverage is used in the treatment of inflammation and as a naturally occurring cancer fighter. EGCG is one of the primary reasons why green tea is so medicinal in the first place; it is a naturally occurring antioxidant that can be used for a number of issues.


  1. Better than coffee

Green Tea takes the fight to coffee and experts even suggest that Green Tea outweighs the effect of coffee when it comes to brain activation. Caffeine is a component that is present in both beverages but in different amounts. Coffee obviously has a lot more caffeine, but as with most things, more doesn’t always mean better. The more caffeine you have, the jitterier you will feel due to the over-exposure of caffeine. But Green Tea hits the right notes by synching the benefits of caffeine with the benefits of an amino acid called L-theanine. Both of these elements act in unison to create the perfect blend. The amino acid makes the caffeine a lot easier to activate by reducing the time it takes to cross the blood-brain barrier. The amount of caffeine present in Green Tea is also the right amount when compared to coffee. If you are a frequent coffee drinker, you won’t feel the same type of feeling when you have Green Tea; this is because the levels of caffeine vary in both these beverages. Coffee will give you a gradual boost that has a jittery effect on the body while Green Tea has a mild buzz that is a lot more stable and is said to improve brain functioning greatly.